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Remiss med bild – jämlik och kostnadseffektiv vård
Engelsk titel: Referral with images - equitable and cost-effective care Läs online Författare: Andersson, Nirina ; Preisler-Häggqvist, Anna ; Zazo Hernanz, Virginia Språk: Swe Antal referenser: 6 Dokumenttyp: Artikel UI-nummer: 17020052


Läkartidningen 2017;114(1-2)35-7 ISSN 0023-7205 E-ISSN 1652-7518 KIBs bestånd av denna tidskrift Denna tidskrift är expertgranskad (Peer-Reviewed)


This study evaluates the use of teledermatology at Norrland University Hospital in Northern Sweden between 2009 and 2014. In total, there were 27 198 incoming referrals. Of these, 1504 had photo attachments, and could be answered directly without a face-to-face appointment. Most of these referrals (73%) came from health care providers more than 100 kilometres away and 71% were answered within a week. Patients received care sooner and saved both time and money by less travelling. Teledermatology lead to less delay to a face-to-face appointment for patients where teledermatology was not an option.