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Avtal om samverkan för social hållbarhet och jämlik hälsa i Örebro län
Engelsk titel: Agreements on cooperation for social sustainability and health equity in Örebro County Läs online Författare: Hedkvist, Linnea ; Johansson, Margareta ; Ljung, Cecilia ; Omberg, Lisbet Språk: Swe Antal referenser: 0 Dokumenttyp: Artikel UI-nummer: 16123639


Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift 2016;93(5)551-9 ISSN 0037-833x KIBs bestånd av denna tidskrift


The agreements of public health, launched for the first time in 2003 are important for the collaboration in the county of Orebro. The strength of the agreements is their broader approach from different perspectives. The agreements states that the region, municipalities and the NGOs shall address the unequal distribution of health, promote good health among children and adolescents, promote a healthy aging and enhance health promotion and disease prevention. Population studies, welfare audits and evaluations are important in the work. An external evaluation is conducted in 2016. A commission work for health equity is in progress. The results of the evaluation and the work of the commission for health equity will have a major impact on the future of the agreements. While waiting of the results the old agreements are extended until April 2017.